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Improve brand awareness and the in-store experience & promote key products in real-time based on preset rules.

Build no-code interactive customer experiences
Integrate IoT sensors to engage your audience

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Top Features

Supercharge Your Business with Digital Signage

Feature Overview


No-code interactive content builder with drag-and-drop functionality.
Calendar UI Scheduler
Customizable interface
Feature Overview


No-code interactive screen content builder that supports lift-and-learn and IoT sensor setups.
Dynamic content triggers based on pre-set rules
Customer suggestions based on point-of-sale purchasing
Feature Overview

Audience Measurement

Native AI camera age and gender detection and content triggers
Built-in analytics of customer engagement
Feature Overview

Robust Scheduling

Calendar UI
Automation for day parts and key dates/time

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Wallboard is a great piece of software.

"We have been using the Wallboard software platform for over 2 years and our customers really like its simplicity."
Ad van de Put
CCO at Screenlink BV

Wallboard is our go-to tool

“We are very happy and proud of our partnership with Wallboard that has given us unique opportunity to introduce by far the most comprehensive Digital Signage platform into our region.”
Igor Milic
Business Development Manager at Algotech

I’m so glad we found Wallboard

“The CMS delivers a professional, cross-platform, high-quality solution with many great widgets and advanced features —all while providing a simple, easy-to-understand interface for end-user operation.”
Shlomi Aboukrat
CTO at Be2Beat

Reliable & Scalable CMS software

“In our business reliability and flexibility are the most important factors. Wallboard fits our demand perfectly.  They are absolutely an outstanding company among the many CMS software providers.”
Gergely Bognar
Sales Director at Beflex

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!!

“It is like you took the best of all the other digital signage software and combined them with none of the annoying bad parts!”
Stacey Purdy
Lead IT Systems Solutions Integrator at Memphis Communications
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