On the 'Settings' tab, you are able to manage your client and create additional useful functions, like alert rules, and datasources.

In the Licenses menu, you can check your total and used licenses, license orders, and manage screen licenses.

In the Users menu, you can create and manage the users which are under your client.

In the Teams menu, you can create and manage teams.

In the Screens menu, you can check and manage the screens of a client.

In the Contents menu, you can see or remove your loops, contents and schedules

In the Alerts menu, you can set default emergency content, create and manage notification channels, and alert rules.

In the Advertisers menu, you can create and manage advertisers for loops.

In the Install rules menu, you can create predefined rules for a mass device assignment process.

In the Messages menu, you can add and manage messages.

In the Files menu, you can check and download your uploaded files.

In the Cloud Integration menu, you can create and manage Google and Microsoft credentials.

In the Datasources menu, you can create and manage datasources.

In the Webhooks menu, you can create and manage webhook actions.

In the Downloads menu, you can download the device applications.

In the White Label menu, you can customize the user interface to your own brand.

In the Logs menu, you can check what happened under your client previously.


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